Friday, September 16, 2005

My turn to have fun

For a change I will be diving just for my own pleasure this weekend. On a whim, I decided to take a SCUBA class that I have been meaning to take for a while and we will be diving this weekend as part of the class requirements. It might seem strange to some that taking a class could be fun diving.

When I am teaching a class I can never really relax and enjoy the dive. Like many of my friends, I really enjoy being in the water. However in a class situation where I am responsible for students, my focus is on the students and their safety.

J. one of my first instructors is teaching the class. He is an awesome instructor and I am still learning from him. For example, I was very impressed with the way he conducts the class and even how he handles the mundane stuff like doing the paper work (liability releases, medical statements etc.). In future classes that I teach, I am going to copy his method of handling the paper work.

Carrying on the theme that I recently wrote about that an instructor should always strive to be a good role model; it is good to sit in on a class once in a while to keep your skills current and to learn from other instructors. Every time I work with another instructor or sit in on a class, I try to learn at least one or two things from him or her.

For example last year, I worked with an instructor who gave an awesome briefing on how to use a compass for navigation. With his permission, I shamelessly copied his method of teaching the compass to rave reviews. Thanks J.

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Susan said...

The motto of many teachers I've met is "why try to reinvent the wheel? Beg, borrow, and steal." I certainly used it when I was teaching.