Tuesday, September 06, 2005

By their signs shall you know them

I have been noticing a trend on some of the vehicles of divers and instructors. A number of divers have a dive flag sticker somewhere on the rear of the vehicle. A few have a license back plate that has some kind of dive flag design. A few probably have personalized license plates that advertise their love for SCUBA. I don’t remember seeing any creative and fun personalized license plates recently that refer to SCUBA but I am sure there must be a few around. For example SCUBA1, SCUBADVR etc.

Then there are some folks who tend to be over-achievers in life. These folks have just about every SCUBA sticker known to man on their vehicles. Not only do they advertise their love for SCUBA, but will tell of their preference of equipment manufacturer, and for good measure the fact that they are an instructor.

As I derive a modest source of revenue from my SCUBA obsession, I am all for making diving as popular as possible. So I say, advertise away, just remember not to drive as if you were suffering from nitrogen narcosis!

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