Monday, September 19, 2005

The adventure continues

Occasionally I run into students who were in one of my classroom and pool sessions. This weekend, two students who were in the first class that I taught were diving in the same area that I was. It was fun to catch up on their various diving adventures.

In the classes that I teach, I try to convey my passion for diving to the students. When we teach students we never really know how much diving the future divers will be doing. People get into SCUBA diving for various reasons. Adventure, travel, making new friends and so on are just a few of the reasons that people start SCUBA diving.

A fair number of my students are middle-aged people who are trying new adventures. Some of these folks have a list of things to accomplish – for example, sky diving, bungee jumping, SCUBA etc. I guess of these, SCUBA has the most rigorous training before one can participate. SCUBA is also the one sport that you can do in many exotic locations around the world.

Some divers become very passionate about diving and they arrange their vacation times around diving. The couple I mentioned earlier have spent every vacation diving all over the Caribbean. Sometimes I speak to divers who have been on three or four diving trips on one year!

Although this post might sound a little like an advertisement for diving, it really is not. Personally, it is wonderful to see how my students have progressed. I felt like a proud father watching my ex-students conduct their dives safely and skillfully. At least I had a small effect on their lives and hope that they will have many, many safe and adventurous dives ahead of them.    

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