Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What was that gesture you made?

One evening, I was eating at one of the regular dining establishments that I frequent. I was reading the latest edition of the Undersea Journal and eating a hearty meal, totally engrossed in my own little world. Just as took a mouthful of food, I heard a voice asking if everything ok (with my meal), but I didn't really think about it too much and just proceeded to give the server the universal "OK" hand gesture. I suppose I am such a creature of habit that a simple nod or thumbs-up didn't seem obvious at the time.

This event had me thinking about how my life has changed (in many subtle ways) since I have been diving. Often I find myself using a "thumbs-up" gesture to indicate "up" and "thumbs-down" for "down". I found myself using the "thumbs-up" gesture a few weeks ago when I was trying to explain to my non-diving friends how the price of something had just shot up recently.

None of this is really a big deal in the greater scheme of things I know. However it is interesting to me how even simple hand gestures in my regular conversations have been influenced by diving. I guess you can spot a diver anywhere by asking him or her which way up is!

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