Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Did you check your air pressure?

Recently, I had the occasion to be diving with a very professional dive shop in Grand Cayman. The dive masters were first class and the diving was superb. The dive that I was almost ecstatic about was Trinity Caves. I guess it was just one of the those days where everything coincides and you have a wonderful dive. Trinity caves was just one of those places that I fell in love with. The fish were large and plentiful, the views were phenomenal, the viz was great etc., etc.

It was interesting to be diving with no responsibilities and under the guidance of the dive master. The dive masters, as I wrote previously were top notch. However, the problem for me was that I had a hard time switching gears from the usual instructor mode that I am in to the happy holiday maker mode. At one point the dive masters went around check people's gear, and asking if we had checked our air pressures etc. It was an interesting experience being on the other side of the table so to speak.

The dive masters impressed me with their attention to detail. The dive briefings were thorough and the dive plans were followed to the letter. The emphasis is on safety and I was impressed that they insisted that everyone do a 5 minute safety stop after every dive, since some of our dives were a little on the deep side (nothing over 100 though),

Good on you folks at Divetech.

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