Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You want me to do what?

As many know, SCUBA divers have their own unique way of communicating while submerged. We use various hand signals to communicate with one another. In every open water class that I teach we review the various hand signals that I will be using in the pool to make sure that everyone knows what I am trying to convey. Usually everyone is very well prepared by the time they attend class from watching the video or DVD and reading the course work.

Recently, I noticed that the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) has issued guidelines on standardized hand signals. Most major training organizations are represented on the council which means that the hand signal standard will probably become the “gold standard”. Having a united council deciding on common hand signals is a very positive step in my opinion.

The council has put together a very good document in a PDF format that describes the signal and includes pictures of the various signals.

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