Wednesday, April 09, 2008

IDC teaching presentation: introduction

There are two kinds of presentations that you will need to give during the IDC. This post will deal with "micro teaching" presentations. The other type is called a prescriptive teaching presentation. The next series of post will deal with how to develop knowledge presentations. Knowledge presentations consists of the following three sections:

Introduction – introduce the topic by saying what you will be talking about.

Body – explain the topic

Summary – restate the main points to emphasize learning.

This post will focus on developing the INTRODUCTION section of the IDC teaching presentation. The introduction creates a readiness to learn and informs the listener about where the presentation is headed and motivates the learner to pay attention and tells the listener how to interact.

The introduction consists of 4 sections:
  • Contact
  • Value
  • Key points
  • Contact

1. Contact – gain attention the attention of your audience by relating the topic to an experience the students may have had.

2. Value – The value statement gives the student a reason why they want to listen and learn. Create a need to know.

3. Key points – Give a brief overview of what you will be covering in the main body. Hint: use the key points listed in your instructor manual.

4. Conduct – Tell the students to turn in their books to a specific page, take notes etc.

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