Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clear Springs Scuba Park

A while ago I had the opportunity to do a couple of open water certifications in the Clear Water Scuba Park near Terrell Texas. This was my first time at the scuba park and I did not know what to expect. Getting there was an adventure, but I will leave that adventure for another post. We got to the park around 11am or so and there were already about 100 people at the park. DUI was having one of its dry suit days there and it was quite "festive".

Of course being from the Midwest we were fairly used to diving in cold water so we dove in our regular 7mm wetsuits and did not wear gloves or hoods. The water temperature was aound 65f which was really quite comfortable for a regular Midwest diver. However as we were preparing to enter the water, at least two of the local divers asked us where our gloves and hoods were and offered up their own (thinking that we had forgotten ours).

The one impression I came away with was how absolutely helpful and friendly the local folks were. All in all we had excellent dives and enjoyed our time there. Hopefully we will be able to visit Terrell someday soon.

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