Sunday, October 15, 2006


As I write this post, I am sitting at the local lake that we do all our dive training in. A kind soul as left a wireless port open for us to use and fortunately I able to get Internet access here.The weather turned out to be fairly nice for this time of the year and right now it is sunny with a light cool breeze. The air temp is probably around 50f or so, and that is the best it has been all week. I didnt plan on coming out to the lake today, but was talked into it by a dive buddy who has an out of town friend visiting.

The out-of-towner have never used a drysuit and and has also not experienced our bracing temperatures at this time of the year. So I duly brought out my drysuit, thermal underwear etc. and help my dive buddy and her friend get set up etc. I think the out-of-towner will either love the cold water or hate it. I guess there is no real way to prepare someone for the cold bracing water. So far they seem be having a good time. They came back for extra weight, since the out-of-towner could not descend. I think it might be a case of the breathing too hard, but, but I got him squared away with an additional 6lb.

It is so serene out here. I lit a large fire and we are going to grill some meat when they come out of the lake. Even though the conditions are not ideal by a long shot, it is still good for the soul be out here, enjoying a late fall day.

The lake is placid surrounded by trees on all sides. The leaves have started to change color and there is an explosion of color all around us. In the lake there are three dive flags reflecting the warm afternoon glow and a few pontoons around with some fisherman trying to coax a few fish to take their bait.

What an excellent day this has turned out to be.

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