Sunday, September 03, 2006


Podcasts have been around for a while now and I have been listening to a number of SCUBA related podcasts. The client that I use to search for and play podcasts is Apple's iTunes. I really like using iTunes even though my personal computer is not an Apple and I don't have an iPod.

Recently I ran a search on iTunes to see how many SCUBA related podcasts were available and was surprised to see that there were 24 different SCUBA related podcasts that were found in the search. I cannot vouch for the content or quality of many of the podcasts, but I will be researching the various podcasts in the months to come. I do however regularly listen to Bottom Time Radio and Pod Diver Radio. Willy Volk from Divester contributed to some of the early Bottom Time Radio and it was great to be able to hear Willy's voice, after reading so much of what he writes.

Hal Watts was interviewed on Bottom Time Radio show number 15. Hal is one of the icons and fathers of the SCUBA diving industry. An interesting tidbit from the podcast is that Hal is the originator of the very well known phrase "Plan your dive, dive your plan".

As I wrote previously, I feel it is important to stay current with new information and developments in the industry. There are many avenues that the information is available - magazines, books, trade events etc. Podcasts are a new and very exciting avenue that one can catch up on new developments. The great thing about podcasting is that regular guys who love the sport decide to put their own time and talent into making the podcasts.

A heartfelt thanks to the folks who do such a great job of putting so many great shows together.

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